Manhattan and Brooklyn – 04/22/2017

This is just a brief post, more of a journal I guess. 

Morning presentation – I presented in a phone meeting with my collaboration, which went well. 

Vim > emacs was the nerdiest controversial thing I could think of.
Science March – Ironically that presentation made me late for the Science March in NYC. We got there after it was over, but we still had fun, and went to an Irish pub afterwards. 
We then got lost on an express subway and ended up wasting 30 minutes going up and down the West Side, trying to get to the Natural History Museum. We got there and had a great time. There were probably 10 physicist friends, plus others, there all taking in more science to cap off the great science advocacy day we had already had. 

At the Natural History Museum

Brooklyn – Afterwards I headed to Bushwick to hang out with some Mississippi friends. We had a good time at several bars and got Roberta’s pizza, which was incredible. 

The next day my new friend Jimmy gave me some of his clothes so I would fit in better in Brooklyn. Trey took me to Supercrown Coffee Roasters to get a breakfast burrito, which was great, and then we walked over to some tiny communist book store where I was unable to resist the urge to buy a few books (including some Marcuse). 

We then went to Maria Hernandez Park to take in the nice weather and drink a coke, before going to a hot sauce expo close to Manhattan. Some of the sauces were incredibly spicy, and I discovered my love for picante self-punishment. 

Hot sauce expo
I then made my way with Jordan to Redeemer Downtown and heard a great message there, and then grabbed some great dumplings and headed back home.
All in all it was a great weekend, advocating for science and catching up with friends from Mississippi as well as making some new friends. I’m hoping that now that classes are done I can do stuff like this more often and see even more of what the city has to offer.

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